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Invitation to Subscription

The editors and the publisher Christoph Dohr hereby invites you to subscribe the Schumann Briefedition [Schumann letter edition]. Various possibilities are listed below.:

  • Buildup
    The Schumann Briefedition [Schumann letter edition] comprises, according to the present schedule, about 40 volumes in three series and one supplement. Further information can be found in the edition plan which is regularly updated.
  • Subscription of the Schumann-Briefedition
    The edition is to be subscribed as a whole (three series plus the supplement). An attractive discount on the articled shop price is given. This subscription discount amounts to 10-15%. The valid subscription prices for the different volumes are fixed by the publisher Dohr.
  • Subskription of single series
    The series I, II and III can be subscribed separately. The discount on the price of the single volume is then set on 5-7%. The valid subscription prices for each volume are aswell fixed by the publisher Dohr.
  • Supplement volumes.
    The supplement volumes cannot be subscribed as another „series“, they can be purchased separately or be subscribed within the whole subscription.
  • Obtaining single volumes
    All volumes can be purchased separately. The individual shop prices the publisher has set are to be paid.
  • Repeat orders
    It is possible for subscribers to reorder single volumes to the discount of the subscription.

Layout of the Volumnes

  • The volumes of the Schumann Briefedition [Schumann letter edition] will be printed in traditional offset-print on durable paper. Layout: Hardcover (linen), ribbon, each volume is shrink-wrapped.

Conditions of Subskription / Order

  • It is possible to subscribe the complete edition in any book- or music specialized store as well as via internet.
  • By the time the last volume has been published, the subscription ends for subscribers of the whole edition. For purchasers of single series the subscription ends once the last volume of a sequence has been published.
  • Having been given a discount, the subscriber is obliged to buy all volumes of the series (in the case of subscription of single series) or all volumes of the edition.
  • The single volumes range between 200 and 600 pages. The subscripted prices therefore range between 24.80 EUR and 59.80 EUR (according to the price level in spring 2008).
  • Price alterations can be made by the „Verlag Dohr“ without notice.

Chronology of Publishment

  • The Schumann Briefedition [Schumann letter edition] starts with the publication of series no. III.
  • For 2008, 2009 and 2010 the publishing of three volumes is guaranteed, for the following years the same is scheduled.
  • By reason of the Mendelssohn year 2009, volume 1 of series no. 2 is brought forward.
  • Details can be withdrawn from the publication plan. The publishing company and the editor reserve the right to change the publication plan for securing the editorial standard.

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